Moving Straight to the Head of the Line

We love this recent post for RIABiz by our friend April Rudin:

bIn 2010, I asked Arianna Huffington point blank how I could become a Huffington Post blogger and she signed me up.

That year, I was launching my new financial services marketing business out of my living room, and I happened to attend an event at which Arianna was talking, ironically, about her new book, “Third World America.”

I felt as if she were talking to me directly when she discussed the endangered middle class and the free-falling of opportunity in America. How could I grasp that narrowing window of opportunity as I tried to make a name for myself and my new business? It immediately occurred to me that a slot as a contributor on Huffington Post might be a great place to start.

So I marched up to Arianna with my card, and asked her what it would take.

“How can I become a contributor to HuffPost?”

She smiled, looked at me intently, took my card and handed it to her assistant. “Sign her on,” she told him. And that was that. I was the high-net-worth marketing blogger for a world renowned publication. My path was quite different from those of most contributors, who get “credentialed” first, but it worked. I went straight to the head of the line.

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