We Love You Mom!

Well, one thing is true, we all have mothers. They bring us into the world and for that we are grateful. To those of them who have nurtured us, wiped our noses (and other places), assured us, cheered us and fed us, we are grateful. For those of us who now have children of our own and know first hand the struggles and the joys of motherhood, we are even more grateful. 

They say that mom knows best. I smile as I write that, as I can remember letting my mom know, in no uncertain terms more than once, that was certainly not the case. Oh, the trials and tribulations of being a mom! While the advice we get from our mothers and maternal figures is as different and diverse as motherhood itself, those little nuggets of wisdom, heeded then or not, have helped shape the people we are today and have inspired us to shape the next generation as well.

“There are two things my mom always told me. Whether it was through a text, a signature on her email, or just in person, she said to: ‘Choose Joy’ and that ‘Hope Lives.’ I would say those two mantras sum up how I try to lead my life today- by finding the joy even in the face of sadness and finding hope in the work I do, knowing that one day the world could be a better place.” – Betsy Nilan, President of The Get In Touch Foundation and Generation W speaker.

“When I am going through something difficult my mom will remind me to ‘take it with a grain of Prozac.’ It’s safe to say I inherited my sense of humor from her.” – Sara Goldsmith, Generation W Administrative Assistant & Chief Enthusiast 

“Two women that I’ve had the opportunity to grow up around are my mom and my grandma. The main thing I’ve learned from these two amazing women is to make the most of every day. They haven’t had to tell me this, but I can see it in their actions. They are constantly surrounding themselves with things and people that make them happy. They always look on the bright side and when things get rough they keep fighting and never back down. They work hard to break stereotypes and push themselves to the limit. I hope I will grow up to me just like my mom and grandma.” – Calla O’Neil, Seventh Grader and Generation W Blogger

I guess you could say that the maternal figures in our lives—the women who have worked hard to keep us safe, to nurture us, to encourage us…they are the first real mentors we encounter. Their words teach lessons, build our self-confidence, encourage our ambitions, and support our goals.

As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, I want to personally say thanks to Sherry, who proudly introduces herself to everyone as my mom. I guess she is proud of her handiwork. To all of the moms who will be celebrated on Sunday, enjoy the day! The power of this day should never be underestimated; for it is women’s hands that hold up the world. Futures are shaped and dreams are ignited by the hearts and efforts of moms and those who have earned that role in our lives.  

Hoping your day is special with the warm thoughts of your mom, wherever she may be.