Most Women Want Companies to Be Environmentally Responsible

3458034307_75af2a3201_zHappy Earth Day!  Is it important to you that companies and brands be environmentally responsible?  According to a recent study from GfK, 76% of people believe that to be true and 63% say they feel guilty when they do something that is not environmentally friendly and only buy products and services that appeal to their beliefs, values and ideals.  The study revealed some interesting stats regarding differences with gender and ages:

  • Internationally, over three quarters of women (78 percent) and exactly three quarters of men (75 percent) agree that brands and companies have to be environmentally responsible.  Twenty-eight percent of those agreed strongly with that statement, with women slightly ahead of men.
  • Age group that most agrees with this statement?  Those ages 30-39 (80%) followed by 40-49 (78%) and 60 and over (77%).
  • Women feel slightly more guilty than men when they are not doing something that is environmentally responsible (64% vs 61%), but both genders equally agree (63%) that they only buy products and services that appeal to their believes, values or ideals.
  • And, if you are a brand that wants to connect with consumers ages 40-49, you really should take your eco-friendly initiatives seriously.  This age group takes the lead (18%) in feeling strongly that they will only buy products and services that appeal to their beliefs.

What do you think?  Is being environmentally-friendly and important value to you and how does that affect your overall purchasing decisions?