Molly Curry Focuses on Issues Affecting Women & Girls

Molly CurryAs the new First Lady of Jacksonville, Molly Curry is focusing her attention on the issues that affect the women and girls of Jacksonville.  Her first step was being the guest speaker at the fourth anniversary of Rethreaded.  “We can’t do this without the community’s support,” said Kristin Keen, founder and president of Rethreaded, in an interview with the Times-Union.   “The fact that Molly is here supporting us and she’s rallying the community to support us, it means a lot.”  Here’s an excerpt from the article:


While it’s traditional at the national level for first ladies to use their platform to highlight a particular issue for several years, that usually hasn’t happened at the local level in Jacksonville.

Curry said she would like to continue being involved with Rethreaded and hasn’t decided where else she will put her attention.

“I definitely would like to be out there promoting a cause — women and girls here in Jacksonville,” she said. “Hopefully, it will be receptive and I’ll be able to have an impact on it. I haven’t done it yet. I’m new to it, also, but I’m looking forward to it.”




image from story in the Times-Union