Michelle Obama Guest-Edits More Magazine

More_ObamaHave you picked up a copy of the July/August issue of MORE magazine?  If not, you should.

This issue, which the magazine’s editor-in-chief–and Generation W speaker–Lesley Seymour calls the “impact” issue, was guest-edited by Michelle Obama and is focused on the causes and influencers she cares most about including programs such as Let’s Move, Joining Forces and Let Girls Learn.

“What I want readers to understand is that impact comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. And hopefully through this issue, what people will see is that you can have impact as a military mom changing careers, or you can be a young person starting a business or you can be the first lady and start a whole initiative,” said Mrs. Obama in a written statement.

It was a first for both the White House and the magazine industry, added Seymour.  “There’s never been a first lady who’s ever guest-edited a magazine and certainly not a sitting first lady,” Seymour told The Associated Press.

If you are thinking “guest editor” is just a title, think again.  According to a story in the New York Daily News, the first lady had to pitch story ideas as well as write and approve copy.  “She was every page and asking for changes up until the last minute,” Seymour said. “She had to approve absolutely everything. She had to suggest various things, too.”

In addition to being the guest-editor, Mrs. Obama also shares her “chill-out” playlist, stories behind some of her favorite photographs and a reflective piece about “the reaction after she said her top priority is being ‘mom-in-chief’.”

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