A Mentor in Your Pocket

2877966685_14554308d2_z“How can we make mentorship as frictionless as possible?”

That’s the question Caroline Ghosn and Amanda Pouchot, co-founders of Levo, are answering as they utilize the digital space to help female millennials ease the transition between college and the workforce by finding mentors and accessing career information and advice.  “People blame women leaving the workforce on having kids, but the root of that departure is happening much earlier,” says Ghosn in a recent article for the Jacksonville Business Journal.  “People are coming to the workforce completely unprepared and disoriented. During the transition, you have to understand the intangibles.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

While Levo emphasizes real-world connections, its next steps are following in the footsteps of companies like Fitbit, who have put a personal trainer in your pocket.

“We’re building the first virtual mentor,” says Ghosn. “The next year is all about personalization. We’re going from desktop to mobile, and we’re going to be answering the question ‘What should I be doing?’ on a daily basis.”

The virtual mentor will be accessible on Levo’s mobile app and will encourage you to learn new skills, network with a new contact or add to your resume.

“I’ve been told it’s like having Sheryl Sandberg in your pocket,” says Ghosn. “It will coach you through your snakes and ladders path.”

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image courtesy of ComeILMare/Flickr