Melissa Ross to Guest Host National Public Radio Show

Can’t wait to hear Melissa Ross as guest host for “The Diane Rehm Show”!


melissa-1National public radio icon Diane Rehm is an inspiration to Jacksonville’s Melissa Ross.  “I admire her on a number of levels,” Ross said in a recent interview with“She’s unfailingly dignified, civil and polite. She is respectful of her guests, and respectful of her listeners. That’s always important, especially now, when we’re debating so many difficult issues.”  Ross will be getting a chance to fill the shoes of the woman who inspires her when she guest hosts the national public radio show “The Diane Rehm Show” Wednesday through Friday of this week.  The two-hour program, which is produced at WAMU near the American University campus and is broadcast live from 10 a.m. to noon on WJCT, currently averages 2.5 million listeners every week. “It’s a big honor,” Ross told  “I admire her on a number of levels.” Click here to read the interview.