HelloFlo Interviews Mary Ann Wasil

Get In Touch Foundation FounderOctober is Breast Health Awareness Month, it seems fitting that we share this great interview with our good friend and Generation W speaker Mary Ann Wasil.  As you will recall, Mary Ann is the president, CEO and founder of The Get In Touch Foundation, a breast health organization whose mission is their Get In Touch Girls’ Program and Daisy Wheels, a free breast health education initiative for girls in grades 5-12.  Here’s an excerpt from her recent interview with HelloFlo:

HF:  You mentioned that October is a busy month because it’s Breast Health Awareness month! What is Get in Touch doing to spread awareness?

MAW: Because Get In Touch is a Breast HEALTH Organization, we prefer to refer to October as Breast HEALTH Awareness Month (instead of Breast CANCER Awareness Month) so thank you, HelloFlo, for doing the same!

The third Friday in October is International “GIT Your Pink On!” Day, which means that we encourage schools and even businesses and individuals around the world to wear pink on that day and donate one dollar to Get In Touch.

Because the Daisy Wheels are free to schools, even the smallest donation makes a big difference and helps us continue our mission to provide free breast health education to girls around the globe.

We’ll be busy on FACEBOOKTWITTER, and INSTAGRAM during October, too, reminding girls – and guys! – to do their BSE, and we’re super-psyched about the re-launch of our updated Daisy Wheel app next month!

We think pink should be a reminder to “Get In Touch” and be breast healthy, so be sure to “GIT YOUR PINK ON!

HF:  Even more exciting, you’ve landed a partnership with GUESS Watches! Can you tell us a little bit more about what that entails and how you got that going? 

MAW: We are incredibly excited about OUR BRAND NEW PHILANTHROPIC PARTNERSHIP WITH GUESS WATCHES because the proceeds from their super successful global Sparkling Pink Campaign will now benefit The Get In Touch Foundation! Each sale of this gorgeous Special Edition sporty-chic watch will help us continue our mission of free breast health education for girls all over the globe! We like to say it’s #timetoGIT!

HF:  What advice do you have for other women hoping to start a business, social enterprise, or any other sort of organization?

MAW: This is a great question, one I get asked quite often! I am sure that HelloFlo’s fabulous founder Naama Bloom would agree with me on this – be sure to surround yourself with smart and talented people, folks who are strong where you are weak.

Do a regular “SWOT” analysis…taking an honest look at your “strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats” can help you find the right path to move your business, your nonprofit, or even your life forward in a meaningful, impactful and successful way.

Oh, and don’t forget to choose joy – life can be hard, so move toward joy as often as possible! (Sometimes that means eating ice cream for breakfast!)

As always, so inspiring, Mary Ann!  We are proud to have you as a part of our Generation W community!  Click here to read the full interview.