How to Make Friends When You Are an Adult

Studies show that girlfriends are important, but how do you make friends when you are a busy adult?  Here are 4 tips for making friends as a grownup.


Join things

Clubs. Groups. Gyms. We’re all juggling lots of things, but the cool thing about that is that wherever you do choose to spend your free time, the ladies there are quite obviously passionate about the same thing. What better person to make friends with than the woman who’s busy but still makes time for yoga, or books, or wine tasting club, or whatever else you also choose to do in those spare minutes without work or family. You’ve already got something in common, and sometimes that’s the biggest first step.




Don’t talk about it, be about it

And by that, we mean to not talk about making plans, but to rather MAKE PLANS. We all get a little too comfortable on the couch sometimes, but we also owe it to ourselves to get out of the house. The hump of getting to the coffee shop is the worst part, and after it’s all said and done, you’re (almost) always glad you went. So just do it. Make plans. Make them again. Don’t flake. Be the kind of friend you want to have.




Networking isn’t just for work

We all have friends who have friends whom our friends swear we’d be great friends with… I mean, that seems like they’ve done most of the work for you. Be proactive. If you truly want to create friendships, it should be easy to ask your friend if you could all go do something together. Use your existing connections to find other ones. That’s how this life thing works.





Be vulnerable

As adults, we tend to have a pretty good grasp on what we like, who we are, things we like to do. Surface level conversation is bound to happen, but don’t be afraid to get right into the nitty gritty things. Bonds are created through real-life conversations, not “hey, what’s ups.” To make a friend, you’ve got to be a friend. Be an ally. Be a resource. Be a good listener. And if someone asks you how you’re doing, resist the urge to say that you’re doing fine if you’re not. Odds are, people care. Give yourself, and others, the opportunities to create lasting friendships by being honest.




Celebrate this National Make a Friend Day by making a new friend of your own!