Google Launches Girl-Focused Initiative: Made With Code

8681272802_4bcc4cc7cb_bDid you realize that only 12% of computer-science degrees in the U.S. go to women?  That number has Silicon Valley a bit worried–after all, with an estimated 1.4 million computing jobs available in 2020, the tech capital of the U.S. must be able to “recruit more engineering talent from the other 50% of the population” states a recent article on  Enter one of Silicon Valley’s brightest stars:  Google.

Google has just launched Made With Code, a website that includes coding projects, stories from female technology role models and resources for parents.  The girl-focused initiative, which held a kick-off event in NYC last week (with two of our favorites–Mindy Kaling and Chelsea Clinton), has more than just Google’s financial backing (the company has pledged a $15 million investment over the next three years), it is also partnering with all-girls coding groups and camps across the country as well as with national organizations like the Girl Scouts to bring coding to programs in which girls already participate.

“Google found that most girls decide before they even enter college whether they want to learn to code — so the tech world must win them over them at a young age. They also found that there were four major factors that determined whether girls opted into computer science: social encouragement, self-perception, academic exposure and career perception,” says the article.  “So the company created the Made With Code website to target these influences.”

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You Tell Us:  Did you graduate with a degree in computer-science?  We would love to hear your thoughts on this initiative!



image courtesy of US Mission/BY CC 2.0