Levo Launches #ask4more Campaign

April 14th, Equal Pay Day,  marks how far into the year women have to work in addition to last year in order to earn what their male colleagues made in 2014.  Despite the significant progress women have made, women in the U.S. make just 78 cents for every dollar that men earn and, according to a new report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, women have higher rates of poverty, and much lower rates of business ownership than men in all 50 states.  This trend is especially true for younger women.  According to the report,  Millennial women are considerably more likely than their male counterparts to have a bachelor’s degree or higher,  yet Millennial women have lower earnings than men in all but one state, and higher rates of poverty than Millennial men in every state in the nation.
Part of the problem is that women don’t always negotiate their salaries the way that men do.  A recent survey from the Levo League found that the while the majority of women understand the importance of negotiating their job offers, most are simply not negotiating.  Why?  Here are some findings:
  • 66% report not having known how to ask for more
  • 63% felt uncomfortable negotiating
  • 58% were afraid of losing their job/offer
  • 56% didn’t know what to ask for
  • 55% didn’t want to come across as pushy
  • 51% didn’t know they should ask for more

To help women ask for what they deserve, the Levo League has launched their #ask4more campaign.  The initiative, which has support from women like Chelsea Clinton, Sheryl Sandberg, Natalie Morales and Sarah Silverman, includes an informative website, social activation and negotiation workshops across the country.  The goal is to inspire women to become expert negotiators and feel confident about asking for what they need.  We love this quote from Amy Poehler:



Generation W is proud to support the efforts of our friends at the Levo League and their #ask4more campaign.  Visit their site and share your own thoughts on why it is important for all of us–men and women–to fight for equal pay for equal work.