Let the Generosity of Spirit and Kindness Illuminate the World

This is the point of the holiday season when I am sure I will not get done what I need to get done–I will not prevail in my desire to be thoughtful and exceed all expectations (unrealistic though they are) that I have set regarding visits, gifts, cards, and connections. Sailing into the holidays is always a wish, but it always feels like a sprint with the accompanying hyperventilation required so that I don’t faint from a lack of oxygen. I am sure many of you can identify. That said, there is a community of spirit during this time that we all embrace. The multitude of happies and merries makes me smile and reminds us all that we are connected in a much larger way than the news reports seem to suggest with their constant blare of stories focused on what divides us.

In these closing days of the year, as women’s voices rise to the forefront, I look ahead with a sense of optimism of what we can achieve. I see the gifts that we can bestow when we focus on the dignity of our fellow humans and the desire to lift each other up so that we all can participate in the blessings of this world. Answers are not as easy as when we raised our hands in kindergarten eager to please our teachers. But, it is our teachers who have been a guiding light in helping us develop the critical thinking skills, the important relationship skills, and the important academic skills needed for us to participate more fully in our lives and communities. To all of our teachers and all of the organizations who support our teachers, I particularly want to wish you happy holidays. We are so grateful to you!

This season can also be challenging as we deeply feel the loss of those who are no longer celebrating with us at our table or by our trees and menorahs. We worry about those whose health has been threatened, and we seek the best ways to provide the support they need. This is, even more, a reason to pull closer, to extend ourselves, our hearts and our arms around those who need us most now. That is the spirit of the holidays. I also believe it is the spirit that is alive and well in this country.

So, to all of you from all of us at Generation W, we offer what we aspire to all year long, the ability to learn together, to inspire each other and to connect. As our communities are luminescent with the lights of our candles and those that surround our homes, may our spirits also be alight with the generosity of spirit and kindness that illuminates the world!

We believe in walking that walk, so we look forward to seeing you soon as the work of W-building community continues…. fill your spirit with the gift of volunteering at Generation WORKS on February 3rd and you can reserve your or your friend’s seat at Generation W with a special holiday gift offering.

Happy Holidays…