Lesya Lysyj & the Rebranding of Weight Watchers

106f273“The number one New Year’s resolution for many Americans is to lose weight,” writes Caroline Fairchild in a recent article for FORTUNE. “That would probably please Lesya Lysyj, the North American president of Weight Watchers — providing they don’t turn to a free app to fulfill that goal.”

Caroline gives us a great look into how Weight Watchers is rebranding itself to stay relevant in the crowded weight-loss space and Lesya, the former CMO of Heineken, is leading the mission. Here’s an excerpt:

“The whole category of dieting has morphed into a positive place,” says Lysyj. “Weight Watchers still felt like diet deprivation. We looked like every other offering out there so we really had to change how we are communicating to customers.”

A big part of her push to distinguish Weight Watchers from free apps and fitness trackers is to rebrand the company through an ad campaign that stresses what we all know: dieting alone isn’t easy. There is nothing that you are more likely to fail at than eating healthy, says Lysyj.

After all, the average person makes 200 food decisions a day, she added. Those choices vary from what to order off the menu to having a third cookie to indulging in a late night snack. So, a new Weight Watcher’s ad set to the tune of “If You’re Happy And You Know It” cycles through various emotions as actors snack constantly to show that whether we’re happy, sad or nervous, we tend to overeat. Another ad with more than 1 million views on YouTube entitled “My Butt” encourages viewers to see the connection between what your brain thinks and what your body looks like.

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