Kiera Geraghty: Embrace Femininity

logo_GenerationWOW-TMThe first few sentences of Generation WOW girl Kiera Geraghty’s recent opinion piece for the Times-Union is inspiring: “As girls, we are often cautioned about what we must overcome to become leaders. We’re told it’s a man’s world, and that we have to prove that we can be a part of it. I don’t believe that, though. I don’t think I need to subscribe to the idea of a male-dominated society to be successful. I believe I can embrace every feminine part of me and still grow up to change the world. I believe we’re supposed to be a society of people, not everyone else trying to succeed in a man’s world.”

Bravo, Kiera!  As we make final preparations for tomorrow’s Generation WOW, click here to read the rest of Kiera’s article and meet some of the amazing Generation WOW girls who “embrace femininity” and are creating change in this world.

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