Kelly Wallace on “Having It All”

KellyWallaceCNN digital correspondent and upcoming Generation W speaker Kelly Wallace knows a thing or two about what it means for women to “have it all.”  Not only does she often cover stories on modern parenting and lifestyle issues affecting families, Kelly is also the mom of two girls–putting her right in the middle of the work-life balance conversation.

“I fall into the ‘you can’t have it all at once’ camp,” Kelly said in a recent interview with  She describes the balancing act of parenting as being on a sailboat. “Sometimes you need to tack more toward your family but you are still moving forward on the boat. Sometimes you need to tack more toward career, but again, you are still moving forward. In the same way, I don’t think you can have it all at once—sometimes you may have more of what you want in the personal realm but you have to give a little professionally, and sometimes you may have more of what you want professionally but you have to sacrifice a bit on the personal side.”

Her one piece of advice for moms feeling challenged by the work-life balancing act?

“When you are at work, think work.  When you are home with your baby, try to focus on your baby and nothing else.”

This little nugget of wisdom helped her adjust to the challenges she faced when trying to balance the demands of a career with the demands of two young daughters.  “Instead of sitting at my desk and wondering what was going on with my daughters—where they were and what they were doing, and then feeling guilty for not being there to experience those moments—I would focus on work and try to be as efficient and thorough as I could so that when I was home, I could devote 100 percent of my energies and attention to my daughters. It is advice I follow to this day, and I think it is one of the key ways I have been able to lessen the guilt and feel fulfilled both at work and at home.”

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Your Turn:  What is your definition of “having it all”?


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