Jennifer Wolfe Part of “Bold New Writing Scene” in Jacksonville

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L1120826-JEN-WOLFEWe loved reading more about Gen W community member Jennifer Wolfe in a recent First Coast Magazine feature regarding the “bold new writing scene” in Jacksonville.  “As an agent of change and growth in Jacksonville’s writing community, Jennifer Wolfe is certainly doing her part,” writes the magazine.  Here is an excerpt from the feature:


One afternoon in early June, she and other writers welcomed me into their circle. As she made tea and prepared snacks for her guests, Jennifer explained that Women Writing for (a) Change is a subversive response to the patriarchal tradition. “Instead of being about power and domination, we are about hospitality and comfort,” she says.

Ten women created a circle in Wolfe’s living room, each with a pen and notebook in hand. Wolfe lit a candle, and began the session by reading a couple of poems. We introduced ourselves, and then she gave us a few options for the first writing prompt.

“We always have choices here,” she says.

After about ten minutes of journaling, each of us shared our writing out loud. Then we discussed the strengths in each other’s words.

Wolfe has used writing as a means of transformation and self-therapy for many years. She started keeping a journal when she was 10 years old when a teacher gave her class instructions to keep a journal. “That was a memorable moment — when I started to document my life,” she says.

Later, she decided she wanted to be a journalist when she became the editor of her university’s newspaper. After receiving her master’s in journalism at Columbia University and working as a journalist, she landed a job in corporate communications, and then became an instructional designer, “but the writing always followed me,” she says. A few years ago she became certified as an instructor for The Center for Journal Therapy, and she’s been leading workshops in writing and journaling ever since. She offers free writing circles every month, open to the Jacksonville community.

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