Jacksonville Teen Part of Drag Racing’s Rare Group of Women

Katelyn BenzSuccessful high school senior by day, drag racing rock star by night.  That pretty much describes 17-year-old Katelyn Benz of Jacksonville who spends her weekends behind the wheel of a 1975 Ford Maverick Super Pro Class racecar named “Blue Bye U.” Katelyn is part of a rare group of women who are involved in the world of quarter-mile drag racing. “To have any girls out here my age is very, very rare,” she said during an interview the Jacksonville Times-Union.  “I have gotten respect in some aspects, and in other aspects, I’ve had to fight for it.”

What’s it like to watch your own daughter on the track?  “It’s the best thing I like to do,” said Katelyn’s mom Robin Benz, who has her own customized 1965 Ford Mustang and hit 130 mph in a quarter-mile run in Blue Bye U.  “It is awesome. Girls can do anything guys can do. She’s a good child and she never gives us any trouble. I am proud of her.”

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image from Times-Union website