GenW Connection to Jacksonville’s Best Places to Work Winner

The leadership team of the Episcopal School of JacksonvilleWe’re not surprised that the Episcopal School of Jacksonville was recently named the “Best Places to Work” by the Jacksonville Business Journal.  After all, two members of our Generation W community once called that school home:  Katherine Callaway and Angie Orth.

What does it take to be a great place to work?  Here are some tips taken from a recent article in the Jacksonville Business Journal:

Make Everyone Feel Like a Valued Member of the Community
“Our leadership at Episcopal does a great job of setting a culture where everyone on campus knows that their jobs matter,” said Andy Kidd, director of athletics.

Be a Role Model 
In 2012, Dale Regan, then head of school, was shot on campus.  The school community rallied together–refusing to let this tragedy weaken them.  “Dale dealt with people with kindness and grace, so we knew how she would want us to go through the pain. It made us stronger as a community, ” said Pat Slevin, director of human resources.

Believe in Your Mission
“It’s about morals and values. We all believe in the mission of the school and love what we do: enriching lives,” said Charley Zimmer, head of school.

Click here to read the entire article in the Jacksonville Business Journal.


You Tell Us:  What makes a company or organization a great place to work?