It’s Time to SHARE THE WOW!

Hello Friends-

I could not be prouder or more excited. It’s a BOOK! And today, it’s finally here! The spirited WOW of teen girls unites with the savvy WISDOM of women as the leaders of today connect with the leaders of tomorrow in this motivational guide for girls called WOWsdom! The Girl’s Guide to the Positive and the Possible. I am so proud to share this difference making book with you. If you believe all girls should have every opportunity to be all that they can be, then we invite you to Share the WOW with the special girls in your life by ordering now.


    • 74% of girls say that they are under pressure to please everyone*
    • Only 1 in 5 girls believe she has what it takes to be a good leader**
    • 1 in 4 girls say that their greatest challenges in attending college are confidence, motivation and support***


Based on our ongoing leadership and mentorship work with Generation WOW girls, we wanted to create a must-have companion book that reminds girls that they are not alone, that they can rise, achieve and soar. WOWsdom! is jam-packed with letters from amazing contributors, activities and no-nonsense advice that is generously shared to support girls in their own personal journeys of discovery. This is a book with the power to transform the way girls see themselves, each other and the world around them.

If you are a believer and want to support girls and all the positive impact that WOWsdom! brings, by all means, SHARE THE WOW. Post and tag using these hashtags #wowsdom, #genwow, & #sharethewow. Join in the conversation at and include all your friends and family. It takes a community to raise great girls. Thanks for working with me and our team at Generation W and Generation WOW to make a big difference.