It’s All About TRUST

Four years ago on the Generation W stage, we started the discussion about how to have the difficult conversations – those conversations around sensitive issues such as race and equality. Earlier this year, during GENERATION W 2016, we knew it was time to advance the discussion. It was in speaking with great friend and tremendous community advocate, Darnell Smith, the North Florida President of Florida Blue, that galvanized us around the issue of TRUST. After all, where are we if we can’t authentically connect with each other?

It was then that the work deepened, as we had discussions with people around the country on how we cut through the noise, how we pave a path and connect with each others’ hearts, how we spur honest conversations and, even more importantly, how we encourage productive action. It is always during this process that we creatively develop video as another voice of conne ction – bringing compelling visuals to mix with our powerful words.

We knew that we would want to further what began at GENERATION W, so on June 29th, we planned a more intimate and focused community event. Love to Hope McMath and the Cummer Museum for TRUSTing us to partner as our conversation on TRUST became very focused and personal with a panel who embraced an honest conversation that moved us all in Jacksonville, FL. Once again, we shared this video and the response is palpable as it showcases our emotions. These are a powerful two minutes that allow us to move from frustration to where we will benefit the most, to love. Take a look:

We will post this video on Facebook and via our other social media networks. Leave your comments and, if you like, pass it along….

As the video states, LOVE IS MUCH STRONGER THAN HATE AND THE KEY TO BUILDING TRUST. We need to continue to have the conversations that will lead us to places of confidence and trust. It’s going to take time, but it is up to us to make it work – moment by moment.

I am always thankful for your TRUST and our ability to come together and do work that connects us and makes a difference.





Donna_Orender_Headshotby Donna Orender