Ita Ekpoudom’s Tip for Raising Seed Capital

Our good friend and Generation W speaker (click here to read her bio!) Ita Ekpoudom contributed a tip for an article on how to raise seed capital. Her tip? Expand those networks, it is important for women founders to network with other women for support and advice.

“Other women investors want to invest in other women,” Ita said.

She told the story of Amanda Johnson and KJ Miller, founders of Mented Cosmetics.

Johnson and Miller, both Harvard University graduates had pitched Mented Cosmetics, their cosmetics startup at a competition. They didn’t win.

A friend called to tell Ita about how the two female founder’s business was misunderstood by the investor-judges. Ita, who graduated from Princeton University, connected with Johnson and Miller. While the business wasn’t at the level Ita could invest yet, she said she was able to connect the founders with another friend who advised and helped them weigh the decision of applying to Y-Combinator, a seed accelerator that has funded companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, and Stripe.

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