Indra Nooyi is Helping PepsiCo Uplift Voices of Women

PepsiCo, a Generation W and Generation WOW partner, is headed toward a purpose-driven future thanks to their CEO Indra Nooyi.  And part of that future includes uplifting the voices of women and girls.

“Women and girls in particular are discriminated against in many, many countries. We believe if you educate a woman, you educate society. And it improves our consumer base. So we are going to invest in every country to uplift women and girls. In Saudi Arabia, for example, in most of our quality-control labs there are only women working there. When you go to some of our manufacturing facilities, there is a wall [per religious law]. On one side of the wall the women are working; the other, the men. So we have created an environment where women [are able to] come to work,” said Nooyi in a recent interview with Fast Company.

“Many large companies are bigger than countries. With our market cap, we are the 37th-largest republic in the world. And we have global governance, which many countries don’t, or many regions don’t. I think we have to do our part to bring our heft and the fact that we have global governance to find ways to improve society wherever we are.”

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