In Pursuit of Thoughtfulness and Intention

Talk about generating energy and inspiration. Spending a day working alongside some of the very best people in our community, all invested in creating sustainable change is so rewarding. It is the kind of impact you can see, the kind you can feel and the kind where your touch made it happen. Power to the people!



We would like to share what your neighbors, friends, and colleagues accomplished this Saturday as they gathered to do the hard and eminently rewarding work of improving Jacksonville.


Thank you to our friends at Deutsche Bank and to the leadership of Leslie Slover and her team of doers, Kris Perry and Erin Kolbel, you inspire all of us! Thanks to Paula Drum and her team at Interline and to all who have so generously given of their time and treasure to our collective betterment! To connect with all of our Generation WORKS partners click here.

The GENERATION W community remains grateful and looks forward to gathering for our annual event on MARCH 31. Be sure and purchase your early bird tickets for GENERATION W: IMAGINATION, INNOVATION, & INSPIRATION…. you will want to be there!!!

With thanks,