If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies. – Unknown


I am nothing if not optimistic.

Determined to live life in search of the often-elusive silver lining and the rainbow after the storm might make it seem as if I never have a bad day, experience disappointment, or become rocked to my core with fear.

Au contraire, my friends, au contraire!

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer nearly twelve years ago and trying to come to grips with not only a cancer diagnosis, but the reality that my body would soon experience some very serious changes, some temporary, and some permanent, I discovered that standing in a steaming hot shower and screaming at the top of my lungs was an incredibly helpful exercise to begin the day.

My kids – and my neighbors, I’m afraid – came to expect this daily primal ritual. I screamed and I cried and I let the water carry my fears and my grief away, albeit temporarily, so I could move forward that day, that moment.

The changes I have experienced in my life haven’t all started out as welcome opportunities, I can assure you, but I have become expert at being open to the possibilities that come with change.

If I had never been diagnosed with breast cancer, I never would have founded The Get In Touch Foundation, a global breast health nonprofit organization that teaches girls in grades 5-12 all over the world the importance of and how to do a breast self exam. We have impacted the lives of nearly half a million girls in at least 84 countries since we launched just six years ago. Our free program saves lives.

That is quite a butterfly.

I’m no Pollyanna, but I am a happy person who chooses to focus on possibility…it’s a nice way to live. Go ahead, give it a whirl, you’ll be surprised at just how many butterflies are in your garden!




Mary Ann Wasil


By Mary Ann Wasil









image courtesy of flickr CC/D Wright