How to Advance Women as Leaders

Being-an-Authentic-LeaderGetting more women in leadership positions in Jacksonville, Eve Summit group discusses actionable steps. [TWEET THIS]

Over the weekend, as a continued follow-up to the very successful Eve Women’s Summit, Times-Union editor Frank Denton asked an important question: “Since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 forbade sex discrimination in the workplace, why–a half century later –did the “scorecard” presented at our Eve Women’s Summit show such a paucity of female leaders in Jacksonville business and government?”

It isn’t necessarily overt discrimination that is keeping women from leadership positions within companies and communities.  Instead it is the “subtle yet pervasive forms of gender bias” that “accumulate and in the aggregate can interfere in women’s ability to see themselves and be seen by others as leaders.” Last week, 10 members of the summit planning group met to discuss the ideas that were shared and create actionable “next steps” for the Jacksonville community.  According to Mr. Denton’s column, the ideas for action seemed to settle in three areas:

■ An ongoing, comprehensive, accurate and honest scorecard to measure how organizations and companies are doing in diversifying their leadership.

■ Building pipelines of women on the ascent and “binders” of emerging women leaders.

■ Supportive relationships among women, with men, including mentoring and networking.

The group is now working on breaking the areas into doable goals–goals that everyone would like to see achieved sooner rather than later. “We need a framework [for action] right now,” said Donna Orender.  A sentiment echoed by committee chair Cindy Edelman, “We can’t dilly-dally.”

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress that is being made from the Eve Summit discussions.

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