How Daughters Influence Their Dads

How Daughters Influence Their DadsAs we reflect on the special men in our lives this weekend, our dads, we thought it would be nice to give a shout out to some very special fathers. A positive father-daughter relationship has such a strong imprint on a young girl’s life. We are so proud of all the dads in our Generation W community who consistently show up and step up on behalf of not only their daughters but on behalf of girls everywhere—knowing that elevating the voices of women, elevates us all. We are hard at work on our book WOWsdom! The Girl’s Guide to the Positive and the Possible, where we thought it essential to include the voices of men and particularly dads who want to share their wisdom with young women everywhere. We share some of that with you today:

“I know that, as my two favorite women, you have all the tools, character, education, and smarts you need to succeed in life. Now here’s a bit of dad advice: Trust your instincts—you’re probably right.” —Frank Denton, father to Langley and Allegra and Editor of Florida Times Union (Retired)

“Don’t force yourself to make choices too soon. If you’re lucky you will find a mission in life that fulfills you – makes you feel really good about yourself and your life. It might take some time and a few experiments before you find that mission; just keep trying things until you do.” —Jon Palmer, father to Lisa Palmer, President of Regency Centers

“We all have those moments, days, weeks, or years when things go wrong or different than we had hoped. However, something IS going right. Build the practice of listing all the things for which you are thankful.”—Thomas Caron, father to Maggie and Joey and Development Director, City Year Jacksonville

The opposite is also true: daughters have a positive impact on their fathers. Recent analyses highlighted by show that CEOs with daughters care more about the community, the environment, diversity, and human rights. A Yale University study found that male politicians with daughters tend to support issues that positively affect women and families such as reproductive health, family leave, and equal pay. Daughters tend to change men’s attitudes and per Psychology Today, “cause men to adopt more progressive gender ideology.” You can read more about dads and daughters here.

This Father’s Day, I want to personally thank all those men who love, mentor and support us…the men who believe in the possible and believe, as my good friend Frank Denton wrote, “that a new generation of women will continue to change our world toward the better, particularly as you advance us toward true equality.”

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Happy Father’s Day… hi to my DAD, a father of three daughters!



Donna Orender