Here’s Your New Year Networking Resolutions

Is more networking part of your New Year’s resolutions?  According to Michal Clements maybe it should be.

“Women are social by nature, and it’s one of our strengths we can bring to the workplace,” writes Michal in her The Market Strategist column.  “But a recent comment from a friend gave me a wake-up call: “Women don’t pay enough attention to the social aspect of career advancement.””

Michal challenges us to do two things this year that will “repurpose some of our social time towards career-building”:

  1. Keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date (Bonus resolution: Join and participate in a LinkedIn group)
  2. Go to a conference (Bonus resolution: If you’re invited to speak, accept it!)

Business“The first one is easy. Take ten minutes each week you would ordinarily spend on Facebook or Pinterest and devote it to LinkedIn,” suggests Michal.  “The second resolution will take more planning, but you can do it! Your career path is up to you, and it’s worth the investment of time and resources to reach your peak.”

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Click here to read Michal’s entire column.