Here’s Some Good Luck..

7175331883_80d3ebae45_bWorried about the bad luck that may be following you around this Friday the 13th?  Generation W speaker Saudia Davis, CEO of GreenHouse Eco-Cleaning, shares some easy ways to bring good luck into your home or office on her most recent blog.  Some of Saudia’s tips:

Unclutter the Entry
Followers of feng shui will tell you that a home’s entrance determines the flow of positive energy—the more clutter, the less positive energy will be flowing into your home or office.  The key is to keep things off the floor, so use your wall space to create unique storage for backpacks, shoes and seasonal items such as boots and gloves.

Bring in Fresh Plants
We already know the quality of your indoor air directly affects your mood and productivity, but it can also bring you good fortune.  Add fresh flowers to your rooms (make sure they do not include thorny stems) and bring in air purifying plants such as a spider plant or snake plant.  If your indoor plants are vines, make sure they stay trimmed—vines that touch the floor will allow bad luck to come in through the floorboards.  Read “Best Plants to Clean Indoor Air in the Office and Home”.

Grab a Goldfish
A goldfish in an aquarium or fish bowl is said to bring good luck, especially when placed in a living room.  Really want to increase the luck of the fish?  Use nine fish—eight red or golden and one black.  Looking for a sustainable way to house your fish?  Checkout these eco-friendly aquarium options from

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