Help Build Strong, Confident Girls

#MeToo #NeverAgain

While I have always been a big believer in helping support and build strong and confident girls, I have never felt stronger about the importance of mentoring and creating community and connectivity for young girls than I do right now.

We are less than two weeks away from Generation WOW and our office is filled with the energy that comes with this initiative. We are excited to greet our girls—knowing that they will be learning valuable skills and making lifelong connections, seeds planted that will be vital to their ongoing growth and success. We are excited to meet our mentors—outstanding women whose presence speaks volumes. They are the planters of those seeds, opening doors of lifelong connectivity for these young women.

These special connections are powerful for building confidence and self-esteem and an understanding that the mentor relationship is a two-way street—the teacher is also the student. I am always excited about what I learn from these enthusiastic, thoughtful, and at times shy teen girls. We become students of each other in the effort to create a virtuous circle of learning. That’s powerful for it shows girls that they matter, that what they have to say is important and that they are already making valuable contributions toward the greater good of this world.

I always look forward to Generation WOW, but this year I am feeling an even deeper sense of gratitude for this community—our mentors, partners, speakers, and volunteers—and their continued commitment to ensuring that girls won’t have to say, “I wish I would have known that.” These connections, these conversations…this is what we all need to be doing to make sure that campaigns like #MeToo and #NeverAgain go beyond being viral messages and become part of a movement to build the next generation of strong and confident women.

If you haven’t signed up to join us at Generation WOW on November 1st, click here to register to be a mentor (you can also register a girl you know to be a mentee). Or, click here for volunteer opportunities.

See you on November 1st.