Heidi Hanna Shares 3 Quick Steps to Spring Clean Your Stress Mess

We are getting a jumpstart on Generation W speaker Dr. Heidi Hanna’s presentation on The Paradox of Pressure by doing a little spring cleaning of our own stress mess.  In a recent article for Thrive Global, Dr. Hanna shares 3 things we can do now to sort through the clutter and become better managers of our most valuable resources: time, energy, health, and happiness.

Clearly Identify the Source 

What’s causing the pressure or tension you feel? Spend a few minutes writing down your stress mess, and identify one aspect that feels most realistic to clean up right now.

Get Your Miracle Clean Chemicals Ready 

So before you start scrubbing the stress mess, trigger the release of the awesome sauce of positivity, curiosity, and gratitude by reflecting on something or someone you appreciate now or have had an enjoyable experience with in the past. Close your eyes and physically feel the sensations of this more positive state, soak in it for a few minutes, and then you’ll be geared up for the final step.

Organize, Prioritize, and Toss Out the Junk 

Looking at the elements you uncovered in step 1, where are you able to take a small step of personal control towards shifting the demand/capacity balance in a better direction? If there really is too much on your plate right now, what can be eliminated? Is there someone in your life who can take an item off your to-do list or offer support to share the burden? You might be surprised to find that someone in your group of friends actually has strength in solving the same challenges you find a threat and that by engaging with them for a better solution you not only reduce the stress in your life but you also help build their capacity and resilience.

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