Saying Hi: Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays SignTis the Season to be Jolly… and it is… and it is also the season to feel a bit rushed, a bit overwhelmed and to wonder, how did the time pass by so quickly? There are gifts stashed in the closets and I’m not even sure I remember what I ordered, but I know that each was selected with care and with the hope that it brings a smile and for the little ones, some shouts of excitement.

When it comes to gifts, and I do enjoy removing the ribbons and the paper to reveal a surprise as much as anyone, it is the gifts of friendship, of time spent in meaningful ways, with people who mean a lot, that truly means the most. It is why I feel so blessed by the community that is Generation W. The ongoing work and connection with fantastic women is a gift that keeps on giving. I am so grateful for the learning, the friendships, the inspiration and the ongoing opportunity to be part of a community that embraces each other and the upside of what coming together can deliver.

I look forward to a new year filled with new opportunities. Opportunities to get inspired, to learn something and to connect with caring people who desire to do good and do well. Here at Generation W, Kasia and Katherine are doing their magic as we get ready for Generation Works on February 7thGeneration W on March 27th and taking Generation WOW on the road. The gift that keeps on giving.

BLESSED is how I feel, grateful for all of you, for my family, to live where we do, have the opportunities we have, to contemplate and actually do what we dream.

Wishing you a beautiful holiday season! Be sure to visit to stay current on what is happening. We always welcome your news, blogs and stories, so don’t be shy, we really want to share what makes all of us worthy!