How to be a Great Mentee

How to be a great menteeA self-described “mentor junkie”, Generation W speaker Tiffany Dufu admits that nearly every major life decision she has made comes after consulting with others.  “At this point in my career, after raising millions for women’s causes, running a national nonprofit, working at Levo, doing lots of public speaking, and now writing a book, I feel that I’m simply the cumulative investment of a lot of generous people,” writes Tiffany in a recent blog post for Levo League.  As with many who have found success via mentorships, Tiffany, who is currently the Chief Leadership Officer at Levo League,  believes in paying it forward and enjoys being the mentor as well as the mentee.  “But with multiple mentorship requests each week and only 24 hours in a day, I’ve had to get savvy at deciding who to say yes to.”

Here are her top 4 qualities of her favorite mentees: 

They’re coachable.  “Coachable mentees have tons of delicious questions because they’re active learners who are comfortable with what they don’t know.”

They pester me.They’re proactive and diligent about following up. I especially love when they keep me posted about how a situation I was advising them on turned out.”

They help me.  “Good mentees know that elevating women’s careers is a two-way street.”

They run through the doors I open for them. “When I present an opportunity, whether it’s an introduction to a person, access to an event, or securing them a job interview, uber mentees knock it out of the ballpark.”

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