10 Signs You’re a Great Boss

Worlds Best Boss MugToday is National Bosses Day and although you may have just received one of those wonderful coffee mugs proclaiming that you are indeed the “World’s Best Boss”, are you really doing what great bosses do?  Here are 10 signs you are a great boss from a the American Express Open Forum blog:

Don’t Micromanage
“Great bosses trust that the people they hire are smart enough to do their job, even if you might do it differently.”

Have Fun
“The best bosses temper work with fun, knowing that the latter reinforces the former.”

Give the Right Amount of Push
“Great bosses are like great coaches – they know when to push and when to back off so as to draw out the best from their team.”

Have Good Manners
“The boss who does not say please or thank you usually makes people feel crummy. Having some manners shows respect and garners respect.”

Treat Employees Like Adults
“The best bosses treat employees like adults and expect that they will act that way. This too fosters mutual respect.”

Be Fair
“The great boss treats people equally to the extent possible and make sure that the workplace makes sense.”

Be Flexible Enough to Make Exceptions
“Yes, fairness is important, but not everything and everyone is always equal; just like you have to respect the differences in your children, so too do you need to do so in your staff.”

Reward Good Work 
“Monetary is best of course, but recognition for a job well done can sometimes be equally effective.”

Create a Team
“Great businesses are ones where people get behind a goal and pursue it in unity.”

Be a Leader
“You are not in business to be your employee’s best friend; instead, you are in business to create a business and make a profit.”

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