Give the Gift of Generation W

https_proxyEven if your holiday list has already been made–and you’ve already checked it twice–we have one idea you might want to add:  GENERATION W. Sharing the GENERATION W experience with your friends and family is a gift that is not only good for the receiver, but the giver!

The 5th Anniversary of GENERATION W, which happens April 8, 2016, will continue the mission to explore in the unique experience that is GENERATION W, with a wide range of topics that are resonant and relevant. It will be a celebration of all that has been accomplished to date as well as the optimism that arises when hearts and minds are opened.

The theme We Are All GENERATION W is a result of all the work that has been shared to build bridges of understanding for all who are motivated to create change in their personal and professional lives.

Online registration is now open with a special pricing just for the holiday season to help you make everyone’s year a little brighter!

Click here for registration.