So Girls Don’t Have To Say ‘I Wish I Would’ve Known’

project_image_with_webLike many people in America, this election season has left me weary. Its length and contentiousness has made me wonder where our civility has gone. With a deep and abiding belief in the equitable rights for all, the shifting sands and the political rhetoric has kept many of us off balance. I believe the United States Constitution, in its first three words, WE THE PEOPLE, (it does not say SOME of the people) says it all.  We stand side-by-side, perfectly imperfect, but with a desire to realize a greater good and we must not let that go. We are each better when we find each other’s light, respect each other’s value and build a foundation that is about our collective humanity.

Our work on behalf of women and girls feels more important than ever. Women’s hands hold up the world and the elevation of women’s voices and talent has a positive impact for all. So the work is truly about building the healthy and vibrant communities that we all desire.  We saw that in the eyes and hearts of our WOW girls who gathered to meet and learn from the Wisdom offered from the amazing Generation W women, recently at the Generation WOW gathering. We know that we can work to turn dreams into reality, and so have been working diligently on an innovative new book, WOWsdom! The Girl’s Guide to the Positive and the Possiblewhich went li ve on Kickstarter this past Tuesday.

WOWsdom! is a life-changing interactive book that unites the spirited WOW of teen girls with the savvy WISDOM of women. WOWsdom! will enable girls across the nation and we hope the world, to realize their potential by connecting them with their inner confidence and exposing them to the power of mentorship, leadership, service, and positive living. Please click on, to see the vibrancy of the stories that will engage, and motivate. The basic training tips for a life well lived are offered throughout the book, in between the calls to action and contemplation.

We’ve set an ambitious goal for this campaign…but you know us…goals are only the beginning. We are driven to harness the energy and interest in elevating girls, affirming their value, and helping them live up to that value. WHY NOT help us garner 1,000 new backers in the next week? WHY NOT share WOWsdom! with the women and men who matter to you? Let the world know you value girls and are ready to make a difference. WHY NOT?

Of course we have great perks for those who support our project at any level. Every backer is a partner in building WOWsdom! and helping all girls have the confidence to pursue and achieve their dreams. Help us spread the positive and the possible to young girls everywhere. For more information and to support our project visit and…


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by Donna Orender