Get Ready for Generation WOW

Girls enjoying Generation WOWOn November 5th, generations of fabulous women–the leaders of tomorrow and the leaders of today–will come together to discover “The Positive and The Possible” during Generation WOW, a dynamic and energetic program that provokes thought, inspires dreams and creates connections through a unique mentorship experience called “The Geraldine” Mentor Walk.

Last year, more than 200 middle and high school girls and 85 women mentors attended the inaugural event and anticipation for this year’s event is growing.  “I think it is important for us girls to realize we can do anything as long as we are prepared for it and we work hard,” says Anna, one of the teen girls that will be participating in Generation WOW.  “I’m most excited about meeting my mentor and seeing what I can do with my future.”

While meeting their mentors is a big part of the day, the mentor relationship lasts beyond Wednesday.  “The mentors will be checking in with the girls periodically in order to support them in their goals as much as they can,” says Katherine Callaway of Generation WOW.  “And, the girls have the opportunity to reach out as well and make this ongoing relationship whatever they would like it to be.  How much they put into it, is how much they will get out of it.  If the girls reach out there are so many doors that can be opened.”

This year’s event will be held on Wednesday, November 5th from 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM at the Robinson Theater at the University of North Florida.  “I hope that the mentors and mentees will be able to learn from each other and support one another,” adds Callaway.  “I hope that both leave feeling inspired and motivated to go out and pursue their goals and dreams.”

The video below gives you a great look at last year’s event and be sure to follow the excitement of this year’s Generation WOW on Twitter and Facebook!


Generation Wow from World Arts Education on Vimeo.