Gerry Laybourne’s Advice to Lisa Gersh: “Say Yes”

_MG_2848-Edit-EditMyDomaine recently profiled some of today’s most powerful women regarding the meaningful words and phrases that empower their confidence and boost their internal motivation.  While there are lots of good nuggets in this piece–especially if you are looking for your own internal motivation–we loved seeing our good friend and Gen W speaker Gerry Laybourne mentioned by Goop CEO Lisa Gersh:

Her phenomenal success can be attributed to one word: yes. In an interview with MyDomaine, Gersh said it was her former partner at Oxygen (and best friend and lifelong mentor), Gerry Laybourne, who advised her to “learn how to say yes.” She explained, “Learn how to say yes to an idea and make it work. It does not mean that you will agree with every idea and implement them, but you will always work through the idea, and by saying yes, your team will come to you with their best thinking. The more ideas you kill with no, the fewer you will receive.”


Today, we are saying “yes” to all the opportunities that come our way–are you with us?

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