#GenWChat Recap: Tips for Creating Positive Change

change-greensign-1024x680We had a great time during our first #GenWChat last night where the conversation focused on how to create a positive change in your life, your community and even in your world.  Four big takeaways?

  1. Change Your Attitude:  “You can only do what you believe you can do.”
  2. Think BIG:  “To create change women must lead. They have to seek promotions, go after the BIG chances & say yes!”
  3. Get Focused:  “By focusing on your vision for your life you change the world.”
  4. Get Uncomfortable:  “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”




Some other great “sound bites” from last night’s Twitter discussion:

On Changing Your Attitude:

  • “Everyday practice gratitude.  Be grateful for all you have, experienced & the people you know.  It starts there.”
  • “Attitude is everything. When we focus on where we are going we can be happy.”
  • “We can’t change others…. just our reaction to them”

On Thinking BIG:

  • “We have the ‘it’ to make executive decisions in the workplace. As Beyonce lets us know:  “WE RUN THE WORLD””
  • “Passion is the propeller of our ship.”
  • “By changing our attitudes to think BIG! If we don’t limit ourselves we are able to CHANGE for the better”

On Getting Focused:

  • “In order for a to-do list to really be productive, you must start each task with an action word.”
  • “Start with figuring out what is most important to you and get focused.”
  • “Break it down into small chunks! How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”

On Being Uncomfortable:

  • “Be vulnerable and take more risks.”
  • “You can’t have success without discomfort. Desire pushes you through the discomfort.”
  • “Love this quote: “To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.””

Thanks to all those who joined us including our special guests Lauren Little, Pegine Echevarria, Dale Beaman, Bonnie Solloway & Melissa Ross.  Hope you will join us for next week’s #GenWChat, 8-9 ET/7-8 CT, where we will discuss the “Big C”—tips for what we do to support friends and loved ones when a cancer diagnosis enters our lives.