#GenWChat Recap: Proclaim ‘I Am Enough’

i-am-enoughLast Wednesday, we were honored to have actress Tina Lifford and other members of the Jacksonville cast of The Circle join us for #GenWChat. The discussion was fast and furious as we shared tips and ideas for getting to a place where we truly feel WE ARE ENOUGH. And, because The Circle celebrates the beauty and power of friendship, our conversation naturally turned towards the power we find in our own “circles.”

“A Circle feels to me like a place where it’s OK to be vulnerable and real. We all need that place,” said one #GenWChat participant.

Here are some of the key takeaways from our Twitter conversation. We hope you will continue the conversation and join us at The Circle, Alhambra Theatre, August 24 & 25.

How to avoid feeling that you are not enough…

  • “Stop comparing yourself to others: “I’m too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener””
  • “The affirmation: I AM MORE THAN ANY CHALLENGE I FACE! It’s true. The brain knows when we tell ourselves the truth.”
  • “Every day, write down things you are thankful for in your life. Self-doubt & gratitude cannot co-exist.”
  • “What if for every imperfection we identify, we also identify a way we are resilient, capable.”

Proudly proclaim “I AM ENOUGH”…

  • “I personally love your phrase “powerfully meet whatever life brings you””
  • “When we know ourselves we are empowered. When we accept ourselves we are invincible!”
  • “As we learn to trust ourselves a little bit more, we learn to trust each other a little bit more.”
  • “We are creative, resilient, empowered TO CHOOSE, whole and WORTHY!”
  • “You become content with your life and where you are taking it. We are good enough .”

What your ‘Circle” is doing for you…

  • “A Circle is a sounding board, champion, and truth serum.”
  • “Talking to girlfriends releases oxytocin which helps with stress.”
  • “I can say, “I’m afraid” in my Circle.”
  • “My Circle lifts one another, listens intently and shares in each others successes.”
  • “My Circle lifts one another, listens intently and shares in each others successes.”

Join us for The Circle in Jacksonville, August 24 & 25

  • “Most audiences say they can relate to something in EVERY character.”
  • “So True – Each character represents a different type of person. Moving to see what they each go through.”
  • “The Circle would be a great Girls Night Out (GNO) A little “refilling of the cup” to make you feel good about yourself!”
  • “Invite someone to join you for The Circle–it’s a great way to connect & celebrate your friendship!”