#GenWChat Recap: How to Succeed in Business (& Love Every Minute of It!)

Yes, another great Twitter conversation last night for #GenWChat where the group shared tips and ideas for finding business success.  Whether you are just starting out in our career or you are running an established small business, there are two truths that hold true for all women in business:  Do something you love and support others in their efforts.  “This is what being a member of Generation W is all about, “ said Jennifer Chapman as she shared this image with participants:



Here are some key points from last night’s conversation:

Stay Focused

  • “I have a ‘board of directors’ I meet w/quarterly- they are friends, mentors, past bosses – they keep me honest.”
  • “Establish timelines to stay on target monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, yearly. We celebrate our successes & adjust if we fall short.”
  • “I tell others what my goals are – I know they will ask so that keeps me focused.”

Build Your Confidence

  • “Have courage to take a risk and move through your fear. When you achieve something you’re afraid of, you win greater sense of confidence.”
  • “Fake it until you make it. You know more than you think you do.  Just act the part until it comes naturally.”
  • “We forget what we’ve already achieved and conquered, so we need to remember our accomplishments.”

Relationships Matter

  • “Absolutely mentor where you can –  start mentoring with young girls who may not have models.”
  • “Refer other women to your network of resources.”
  • “The basics – trust, accountability and passion for something bigger than you both.”

Work at Networking

  • “Use the Forest Gump trick – say your name 2X.  “I’m Jennifer.  Jennifer Chapman”  Helps people remember your name.”
  • “On back of my card I write event we met at and what I want to discuss in follow up and give it to my contact.”
  • “Follow up!  I get tons of cards from people who I never see again, but the ones that I get calls make it into my Contacts.”

Build Community

  • “I find my inspiration helping others. There have been many women who’ve helped me in business.”
  • “I learned so much as a woman business owner in the incubators at a local college. We learned together.”
  • “Purposefully seek out women owned businesses that can provide goods/service you need.”

Be Balanced

  • “Planning & boundary setting are critical. Planning keeps you on track & boundary setting helps u respect your personal time.”
  • “My kids are not signed up for every activity.  We pick 1.  House is clean enough. I cook when I can, order in otherwise.”
  • “Plan one personal thing you like to do each day.”

Use Tech to Your Advantage

  • “It is always good to stay connected to your community. Linked in, Facebook, Twitter…”
  • “Quickbooks for invoices, 37 Signals for interoffice communication & info sharing, ADP payroll, Avointe for ATS.”
  • “Participate in social media—I’ve learned quite a bit in the few weeks I’ve been active on Twitter.  These business chats are helpful.”

Thank you again to our wonderful #GenWChat leaders Pat Baxter, @PatriciaBaxter; Jennifer Chapman, @Dabossladyblog; Mary Kellmanson, @thegroceryqueen; Tiffany Hutto, @WinnDixieTiff; Rose Conry, @Stafftime.