#GenWChat Recap: Getting Ready to Imagine the Possible

Last night was our final #GenWChat before tomorrow’s big event and according to our online conversation, we are all just a little bit giddy with excitement about being educated, inspired and connected at Generation W!  To get us started, we shared a sneak peek of just one of the videos we will be sharing during Friday’s event:

Here are some highlights from last night’s Twitter discussion as we head into Generation W 2014:

Get the Most out of Generation W

  • “Make a list of your take-aways from each session that you want to put into action.”
  • “Follow up, follow up, follow up–key to really making those connections work for you!”
  • “Bringing lots of business cards and a pen to write down what I want to talk to them about in future meeting!”

Get Ready to Be Inspired

  • “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
  • “A speaker last year said women CAN have it all, just not all at the same time. That stuck with me.”
  • “Great quote from #Ghandi: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.””
  • “Closing one door to open another is not failing. It’s tweaking and improving initial goals!”
  • “The right thing will happen for you when it’s the right time.”
  • “To me, it isn’t about really faking it; it means to be It until you feel It. Act as though you are “there” already!”
  • “You can’t control others’ reactions; you can only control your own.”

Get Ready to Focus on YOU

  • “It’s also about learning to trust yourself and listening to your inner voice.”
  • “The older I get the more I realize how important taking care of my health is! Good food, quality sleep are key!”
  • “Be courageous! Any reinvention begins with the courage to start and know you can change your circumstances.”
  • “Great quote about nourishing mind: “We have control over only a few things and what we tell ourselves is most important.””
  • “Take the plunge. Don’t look back. Follow your #bliss
  • “Remember to really “breathe,” especially when you feel you are too busy to do so.”


Thank you again to our wonderful GenWChat leaders  Elizabeth Paulson, @empaulson; Linda Ryan, @MESTRONG1; Tiffany Hutto, @tiffanyvhutto and Angie Orth, @angieaway.

If you can’t join us in Jacksonville this Friday, be sure to connect with us online.  We will have a LIVE BLOG from Generation W on the GenWNow.com website.  You can also follow us on Twitter (@Generation_W and #GenW) or Facebook .  We look forward to connecting with you!!