#GenWChat Recap: Celebrating Volunteerism and Community Leadership

B9BOtcqIAAIMjl3We had a great Twitter conversation yesterday afternoon for #GenWChat where the group shared volunteer experiences, tips for volunteers and community leaders and what we are all looking forward to most during Generation WORKS this Saturday.   Whether you are a seasoned volunteer or community leader or you are embarking on your first volunteer project, one thing is for sure: making a difference matters. “Making a difference in just one person’s life can have a huge ripple effect, “ shared Kristi Brandon.

Here some key takeaways from yesterday’s conversation:



Why Volunteer

  • “Volunteering facilitates growth in all aspects of life. It is like seeing the world through a different lens”
  • “Everybody can be great because anybody can serve….You only need a heart full of grace, a soul generated by love. –MLKing Jr”
  • “Volunteering helps stimulate that human connection we all seek throughout our lifetime”
  • “Mentors, ReadingPals, other volunteers say great things about how it feels to know you’re making a difference for someone”

Most Enjoyable Experiences

  • “Working in India a young girl in sex slavery used her “tip” money to buy me and my friend a candy bar. Humbling”
  • “Our vols LOVE delivering food at Thanksgiving and gifts at Christmas to our families! Seeing the joy on their faces- so rewarding!”
  • “The first #volunteering I vividly remember doing was the St. Johns River Clean as my birthday party! Age 9 or 10”
  • “Helping out @HubbardHouse b4 Christmas, a Mom came to pick up toys donated for her fam, burst into tears”

Advice for First-Time Volunteers

  • “Just do it! Get out there and discover the community”
  • “Open your heart and mind, reserve judgment, & look for the joy!”
  • “Try something new! A new experience might be out of your comfort zone, but you could learn that you have a talent to share!”
  • “Pick something you like to do that feels right. Also look for opportunities to meet others. (That’s how I met my husband)!”

Tips on How to Mobilize and Motivate Others

  • “If others can truly see your passion, they will be inspired.”
  • “Be transparent. Share with volunteers the mission of the organization to gain trust.”
  • “We think a tip to use for mobilizing is to ask, ask nicely and ask again.”
  • “Here’s some motivation: Research has shown that people who volunteer often live longer. #AllenKlein”
  • “Make sure the impact of the volunteer experience is well understood and experienced”

Why We’re Involved in Generation WORKS

  • “Great opportunity to learn about local nonprofits that can benefit from volunteer support. “
  • “By volunteering w/#GenWorks or other opportunities, you can gain a sense of yourself & how your efforts can make”
  • “We love the opportunity to get new volunteers involved in the Foundation! Hoping they have a great experience Saturday”
  • “We are excited to support individuals that would like to give back. “
  • “Because I want to make a difference. I want to see #JacksonvilleFL grow in a positive way. AND I love @GENERATION_W”
  • “We want people to experience HOPE and be a part of breaking the cycle of the sex trade.”

Tips for Keeping the Motivation Going after Generation WORKS

  • “Do it again and share your experience with others.”
  • “Mark your calendar to #Volunteer again! Putting it in your calendar makes it a commitment”
  • “Collaborate! We can make more of a difference together.”
  • “Enjoy the experience, do it again and definitely encourage a friend to give back”


Many of our guests offered resources for those looking to get involved in the Jacksonville community. Most non-profit organizations have a page on their website with detailed information about volunteer opportunities. Also, check with the United Way, HandsonJax, Women’s Giving Alliance and JCCI.

Thank you again to our wonderful #GenWChat leaders:  @FLBlue@rethreadedinc@kristibrandon@HubbardHouse@FeedingNEFL@unitedwaynefl@TheWayHome@SimpleSolutionD.

We can’t wait to see all of you on Saturday for Generation WORKS! Click here for more info.