GenW speaker Mary Ann Wasil Featured in Real Authors, Real Impact Campaign

Your World, My EyesAuthor Solutions, LLC, a Penguin Random House company and the world leader in supported self-publishing services, is featuring author and Generation W speaker  Mary Ann Wasil as part of its Real Authors, Real Impact campaign.

Wasil is the founder, president and CEO of the non-profit Get In Touch Foundation and has been a breast cancer survivor and health activist since 2004, when her journey with cancer first began. Wasil self-published her memoir, “A Diary of Healing: My Intense and Meaningful Life with Cancer,” with Balboa Press in the spring of 2013, seeking to find humor in the face of challenge.  “I went to the bookstore after I was diagnosed, and there were six books on breast cancer, and they were all clinical,” said Wasil. “I wanted to hear a story of a woman who got through this and how she got through it. I wanted to be lifted up. ‘A Diary of Healing’ is the book I wish had been available when I was first diagnosed.”

During the time of her diagnosis, her optimism remained strong, and her passion to provide breast health education for everyone grew stronger. In addition to self-publishing her memoir, Wasil established The Get In Touch Foundation to provide free breast-health initiatives to educate males and females of all ages how to “get in touch” with their bodies and show support for each other in the crusade against breast cancer. With her two young daughters in mind, she wanted to increase breast-health awareness and the importance of knowing your own body.

Since its creation in September 2009, Wasil has led the Get In Touch Girls’ Program to implementation in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and 26 countries. She also successfully pioneered the development of the program’s free Daisy Wheel app, which has been downloaded in 80 countries since launching in June 2011.

“I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to take the greatest challenge of my own life and turn it into a lifesaving educational opportunity for others,” said Wasil. “As long as women continue to be diagnosed with breast cancer, my work is far from over.”

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