GenW 10: Celebrating Girl Scouts, Feminist History of Purim & the Tennis Equality Battle

GenW_10_mar21Here are 10 of the stories that resonated with women for the week of March 21, 2016:

Girl Scouts Celebrates Centennial of Girl Scouts’ Highest Award at NASDAQ, Generation W
Girl Scouts from the New York area alongside Girl Scouts of the USA CEO Anna Maria Chávez, commemorated the centennial of Girl Scouts’ highest award, now known as the Gold Award, at the NASDAQ opening bell ceremony.


Column: Women Need Five-Sets Tennis to Win Equality Battle, ABCNews
After a bruising start, this ultimately morphed into a points-scoring week for women’s tennis.


The Feminist History of the Jewish Holiday of Purim,
“There aren’t that many stories in the Bible that feature women as heroines.”


Gen W 2016:  Is Women Empowerment the New Normal?, Generation W
In preparation for celebrating 5 years of inspiration with Generation W, blogger Blythe Brumleve from GuysGirl Media in Jacksonville recently reflected on what has changed for women of the First Coast over the past 5 years


The damaging myth about why we need more women on corporate boards, Quartz
The danger is that because the add-women-boost-profitability argument is easy to dismiss, executives also may be quick to reject other, sounder reasons to put more women on the board.


What use are women’s networks? We need less talk and more action from businesses, The Guardian
Despite an increasing number of companies making loud noises about equality, a new report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission proves women are still suffering under old boys’ clubs.


Women and Minorities Are Penalized for Promoting Diversity, Harvard Business Review
New research looks at whether women and nonwhite executives really are penalized if they help other women and minorities — and why that may be happening.


New ride-hailing service for women launching in Boston,
Boston women will soon be guaranteed a woman driver when they hail a ride from a new company called Chariot for Women.


HBO:  Game of Thrones‘ Women Will ‘Power’ Season Six’s Story,
In a new profile of the show’s six biggest female stars, programming president Michael Lombardo says that the women of Westeros are an intregal part of the upcoming season.


An incredible book for raising “gutsy” girls is a must-read for adventurous women too, Quartz
Caroline Paul thought sharing some of her adventures and inspiration with young women would help them get gutsier. The result, part-memoir and part manual, The Gutsy Girl: Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure, is a book for girls which every grown woman should read, too.




image courtesy of flickr CC/Jen Lund