GenW 10: 10 Stories that Resonated with Women This Week

10DoorHere are 10 stories that resonated with women for the week of March 14, 2016:


Goop’s Lisa Gersh named one of Top Women in Retail, Generation W
Goop CEO and Gen W 2013 speaker Lisa Gersh was named one of the Top Women in Retail 2016.


Diane Warren Explains How Michelle Obama’s ‘This Is for My Girls’ All-Star Anthem Came to Be, Billboard
Diane Warren gives us an inside look at the inspiration behind the catchy female empowerment song launched this week during South by Southwest.


More Magazine Wraps Things Up With Megyn Kelly, AdWeek
The final edition of More magazine (which arrives on newsstands March 22) wraps things up with “America’s Most Beautiful Badass” Megyn Kelly.


UN Hosts Inaugural Meeting of High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment, Generation W
The inaugural meeting of the High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment took place during the week’s Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations.


Why So Many Thirtysomething Women Are Leaving Your Company, Harvard Business Review
While the studies show work/life balance is a major reason for women leaving a company, women themselves are saying something different: compensation.


Gen W Well-Represented during WGA Panel, Generation W
Audrey Moran, Donna Orender, Madeline Scales-Taylor and other women leaders of Jacksonville participated in a panel on Women in Leadership for the Women’s Giving Alliance.


Changing the Rules of the Women’s Game, With the Hope of Altering the Interest Level, New York Times
Women’s basketball is entering a pivotal time to entice a national audience.


A Woman’s Shot at the $20, New York Times
Sparked by a movement started by the NY Times, thousands of women and men are sending a very clear message to the Treasury: Anything short of a redesign of the $20 bill giving women a place of their own in paper money is an affront.


Women live longer but not as well as men, study finds, News7Jax
Our friends at News4Jax shared results of this recent study showing while women outlive men, they can expect fewer active years.


Why B-Schools Struggle to Enroll More Women, BloombergBusiness
Taking younger students may be the key to drawing more female applicants.


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image courtesy of flickr CC/Lex McKee