GenW 10: 10 Stories That Resonated with Women This Week

10_GenWHere are 10 stories that resonated with women this week:

Tributes Pour In For Former First Lady Nancy Reagan via Fortune
Touching tributes were pouring in from mourners honoring former First Lady Nancy Reagan, who died Sunday from congestive heart failure.


8 Tips for Celebrating International Women’s Day Everyday via GenW
You don’t have to stop celebrating gender equality now that International Women’s Day is over, here are some tips for keeping the inspiration moving everyday.


Women Try to Make Italy’s Shoe-Shining as Chic as Its Shoes via New York Times
Eleonora Lovo is the latest example of how women have moved into the decidedly out-of-fashion shoe-shining trade, once exclusively the domain of men, and even made it hip.


What the Evolution of Women’s Roles in Stock Photos Says about Gender Equality via Fast Company
Getty Images shares how showing both men and women in non-stereotypical roles can have a real impact on expectations.


Kelly Wallace on “Having It All” via GenW
Generation W speaker and CNN correspondent Kelly Wallace shares what she has learned about “having it all”.


The founder of Wikipedia’s Women Scientists project found a brilliant use for her hate mail via Quartz
Emily Temple-Wood decided to write a Wikipedia profile of a female scientist for every nasty email she received–that’s how her profile to-do list got so long:  118.


The Women Who Are Changing the Music Industry via GenW
A growing number of female producers, DJs and artists are helping young women hone their skills and break into the electronic music industry.


The One Thought That Sabotages Women in Their Careers via Forbes
While gender stereotypes are slowly improving, women still face biases–oftentimes coming from their own female colleagues or even themselves.


‘My pace was not sustainable’: Why millennial women are burning out on the job via Salon
Family priorities can’t full explain why women drop out of the talent pipeline disproportionately.


Here’s Which States Offer Women The Most Equality via BloombergBusiness
Gender parity in the workplace may still be a long way off, but in some states women’s voices are louder than elsewhere.




image courtesy of flickr CC/Paul Downey