Generation WORKS: GRASP Academy

As we prepare for Generation WORKS on February 4, 2017, we will be featuring some of the agencies and projects we will be working with to transform the city of Jacksonville and the lives of the people who are part of our neighborhoods and communities.


GRASP Academy

The GRASP Academy is a public school of choice option for Duval County Public School students in grades 1st-8th and is a unique learning environment designed for the dyslexic learner. Enriched programs, structured language intervention, hands-on learning, and multi-sensory instruction are core components of the school programming. They utilize general education teachers, para-professionals, prescriptive interventionists and ESE teachers as appropriate in order to maximize the individual approach for each student. The GRASP Academy supports the special learning needs of the dyslexic student by utilizing Orton-Gillingham methodology. Click here to visit their website.

During Generation WORKS we will be making over the library at GRASP Academy to accommodate students who learn differently by sorting/organizing books, rearranging furniture, and creating different thematic centers. This project is presented by Interline Brands.


Click here to get more information about all the agencies and projects we will be tackling on February 4, 2017, and volunteer to join us in connecting with others as we create a positive impact on our community during Generation WORKS.