Generation W Spotlight: Jeannette Bajalia

JB professional copyJeannette Bajalia has always had a passion for helping women—especially when it comes to helping them plan for their futures.  Bajalia founded Woman’s Worth® after 35 years of professional experience within major corporations, and as an independent business owner. Her intimate, in-depth understanding of women’s finances – and their related emotional and physical health effects – gives her a unique perspective on helping women plan their financial futures.

 In addition to her business and professional experience, Jeannette has significant experience in the issues facing the aging population. Her passion for helping women led to the establishment of Woman’s Worth®.  She has a heart for ensuring that individuals have a sound plan for a successful retirement and that all retirees are treated with dignity, respect and protection for their emotional, physical and financial needs.

“There is a connection between health and wealth, especially when it comes to women,” says Bajalia who realized that female baby boomers were being under-served when she herself became the primary caregiver of her mother and great aunt.

Retired from the corporate world after nearly 25 years at Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Bajalia decided to IMAGINE her own POSSIBLE and joined Petros Financial Services in November 2007. Bajalia eventually bought the firm from the original owner and as her passion for helping women continued to grow, she founded Woman’s Worth®; a company that specializes in working with women and the unique challenges women face due to fewer assets for retirement, longevity, and long-term care costs.  “It empowers women to take care of their financial future,” says Bajalia.  “I help them put their own plan in place and take responsibility for themselves.  Putting this plan in place gives women freedom to really do what they want to do in life.”

It is one of the reasons she loves the theme of this year’s Generation W:  Imagine the Possible. “It is such a positive mindset for women to look at life and consider all the possibilities and opportunities they have.  Women tend to focus on the negative and we need to encourage one another to take charge of our lives and be courageous enough to defy stereotypes and the traditional roles women often play.”

In addition to being able to take a day to focus on themselves, Bajalia believes Generation W gives women the opportunity to surround themselves with positive energy and people such as Sharon Wamble-King, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Communications at Florida Blue.  Wamble-King is on the Woman’s Worth® advisory board and will be part of a Gen W panel discussion on personal leadership.  “She is someone I admire,” says Bajalia.  “And, someone who can inspire others to imagine their own possibilities.”

Meet Jeannette Bajalia at Generation W, April 4.  Click here for more information to purchase tickets.