Generation W Spotlight: Elizabeth Cordell

Elizabeth CordellAs the Marketing Manager of Hickory Foods, one of the top manufacturers of meat in the United States, Elizabeth Cordell knows first-hand what it is like to find success in a very male-dominated industry.  “At first, it was difficult for me to speak up.   But, soon I realized that my point of view, my opinion, was important to the overall success of the business,” says Cordell.  “And, male colleagues actually really want to hear your opinions—they value your input regardless of your gender.”

Peterbrooke Chocolatier, a company under the Hickory Foods name, is a sponsor of Generation W and it was last year’s sponsorship that brought Elizabeth to Generation W where she not only found inspiration from the women that would be taking the stage, but from those she met during one of several networking opportunities.  “Everyone has a story,” says Elizabeth.  “Everyone has a different journey and being able to listen to their story and see how they have moved themselves along the path is very empowering.”

That empowerment allowed Elizabeth to gain a new sense of independence—both professionally and personally.  “After last year, I was more confident, a stronger person who was able to make wiser decisions,” adds Elizabeth.  “This has led me to become a better leader at work and even have more strength in my personal life.”

As she prepares for this year’s event, Elizabeth is not only looking forward to once again being inspired and empowered by the women she meets, but she is also looking forward to seeing other women begin to imagine their own possibilities.  “We all have internal confidence,” says Elizabeth.  “Some of us just don’t know how to find it, or, more importantly, how to use it.  The more confident you become, the more opportunity you have to not only see your goals clearly, but feel comfortable in the journey towards achieving them.”

Meet Elizabeth Cordell during this year’s Generation W to be held on April 4, 2014 at the University of North Florida.