Generation W Celebrates Female One Spark 2014 Creators

OneSparkGeneration W will be celebrating four outstanding female creators from Jacksonville participating in this year’s One Spark, the world’s crowdfunding festival held in downtown Jacksonville, at Generation W, April 4, 2014.

The four One Spark 2014 Creators will be introduced during Generation W’s program and will be showcasing in the expo area at the event, where Generation W attendees can speak with the creators and learn more about their projects. One Spark 2014 takes place in downtown Jacksonville April 9 -13, 2014 and is free to attend.

“Women are some of the greatest motivators and creators in our communities.  Generation W wanted to celebrate these One Spark creators from Jacksonville because they are inspiring examples of making our community better,” says Donna Orender, CEO of Orender Unlimited and founder of Generation W.  “We identified these creators because their projects supported our theme this year of Imagine The Possible. These creators show us their idea of possible – improving their communities and the world.   We wanted to share and celebrate that with our Generation W community, with the hopes it will inspire others to make change in their own lives and neighborhoods.”

“Congratulations to the One Spark 2014 Creators featured by Generation W,” said One Spark Executive Director Joe Sampson. “One Spark provides a unique platform for people with great ideas to connect with the funding and resources they need to take them to action.”

One Spark creators that will attend Generation W include:

Cindy Edelman, PowerUp Jax – PowerUP Jax is an exciting new way to fuel the innovation of teachers in Jacksonville, Florida, and make their creative ideas into realities. PowerUP Jax was launched by the Jacksonville Public Education Fund in October, and is the latest in accessible crowd funding that enables community members to make direct contributions to public school teachers’ classroom projects. From butterfly gardens to rocket launches, learning experiences for students can grow exponentially with support directly from citizens who support public education. Learn more at

Karen Sadler, World Arts Education – Dedicated to fostering creative innovation, the organization helps to provide opportunities in the arts and filmmaking for all ages and abilities by producing an inclusive filmmaking camp for children with autism, their siblings and peers.  Campers will learn how to write, act, direct and produce films of their own to be featured at the annual World Arts Film Festival in Downtown Jacksonville, FL. Website:

Tie Cooper, Raw Beauty – Raw Beauty is a skincare, haircare, bath and body care line that provides high quality products that have all natural, organic and raw ingredients that are purely sourced from nature.  Website:

Tracy Tousey, Do Something Great Today – Do Something Great Today brings together the power of technology and the generosity of the human spirit to build a better world.  Our first project is a mobile app that will make donating and volunteering easier, more accessible, and more fun. Website: